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The Transhumanist Movement

Autore: Francesco Paolo Adorno

Casa editrice: Palgrave Macmillan

Anno: 2021

pp. 239

This volume analyzes the theoretical underpinnings of the academic transhumanism movement, beginning with the relationship between anthropology and technique. The author focuses on the question of immortality, which can be considered the core of transhumanism. The true depth of immortality will be discussed, through which and how many transformations could be produced in order to change our society, which is basically shaped by and for human mortal beings, in a society composed by immortal persons. Some writers have written about what a future populated with immortals might look like, which is far removed from both the bright future painted by transhumanists and from the disappearance of humanity feared by bioconservatives.

The book is published as part of the "PRIN 2017 The Dark side of the Law".

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