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Postdoc researcher position in philosophy (ethics and theory of responsibility) University of Siena

Postdoc researcher position in philosophy (ethics and theory of responsibility) U Siena

Deadline 8 January 2024

The Department of Social, Political and Cognitive Sciences of the University of Siena is looking for a philosopher for a full (100%) researcher position (assegno di ricerca) within the PRIN project “A theory of retrospective responsibility…”, coordinated by Professor Christoph Lumer, for research on the topic “Retrospective responsibility for moral action control and its normative ethical foundation”. The contract will begin on March 1, 2024 and last 2 years (with an intermediate evaluation after the first year) and. Remuneration 19,540 €/year. Closing date for applications: 8 January 2024.

Tasks of the researcher to be hired

The assignee has two main tasks: 1. The assignee conducts independent research in the thematic area of the research project (Retrospective responsibility for moral action control), which contributes to the success of the research project. Details of the content and organisational plan of the project are available at:  2. In order to strengthen the moral philosophical background of the project, the assignee conducts research with agreed but independently developed topics in the field of normative analytical ethics.

Activities assigned to the research fellow

1. Research: The research assignee will be required to conduct research in the scientific fields indicated below (all of which belong to the Scientific Disciplinary Sector M-FIL/03, Moral Philosophy) in agreement with the coordinator (PI of the PRIN project), to publish scientifically on them and thus also advance his/her own qualification. (In the best case scenario, he/she would expand his/her publications through the position so that he/she could acquire national habilitation for a position as associate professor and apply for RTTT positions with good prospects.)

1.1 Mainly: research according to a topic of his/her choice, but in agreement with the coordinator in the field of analytical normative ethics with his/her own research project. Applicants are requested to briefly state in the application the topic on which they wish to work.

1.2 In addition, it is mandatory to conduct research on theories of retrospective responsibility that advances the research agenda of the PRIN project. Suitable research topics should be developed during the course of the project in consultation with the coordinator.

1.3 Further research in the field of metaethics or applied ethics is also possible.

2. Organisation: the research fellow will be expected to support the PRIN research project PI in the scientific and organisational implementation of the project.

Expected results (deliverables):

The assignee is expected to produce, as a visible result of his/her work in the research project, scientific publications in the research areas mentioned above, at least:

1. publications in the field of analytical normative ethics, equivalent in weight and volume to 3 articles in good scientific journals,

2. publications in the field of responsibility theory equivalent in weight and volume to 2 articles in good scientific journals. These publications at least must have been submitted to a journal or publishing house by the end of the project period


Formal qualification: at least a Master's degree (or old "laurea") or equivalent qualification in philosophy. A Ph.D. in philosophy is highly desirable and implies a higher evaluation when deciding on the allocation of the position.

Languages: Very good knowledge of English is required. Knowledge of Italian is desirable, but can also be acquired during the term of assignment.

Scientific knowledge:

1. Required: very good knowledge of analytical normative ethics, in particular of the fundamentals, i.e. the principles of morality and related theories.

2. Required: good to satisfactory knowledge of metaethics: knowledge of the most important theories, in particular the justification of ethical principles.

3. Desirable: knowledge of the theory of responsibility (especially retrospective, which can be integrated with that prospective); alternatively, willingness to familiarise oneself with this field is required.

4. Plus: not required, but useful for the evaluation of the application, is knowledge of an applied ethics.

Research experience:

1. Required: research in the field of analytical normative ethics, particularly on foundations, i.e., principles of morality and related theories, substantiated by publications.

2. Desirable: research in the field of responsibility theory, metaethics or applied ethics, substantiated by publications.


Closing date for applications: 8 January 2024.

Applications have to be submitted in electronic form at: amministrazione.dispoc@unisi.itFor applying please use the form “allegato B” to be found on the website of the employment advertisement. Declare in “allegato C” which kind of MA you possess and add to this the diploma supplement and the doctorate you hold.

Documents to be added:

- Curriculum vitae (with a signed declaration of the truthfulness of the CV);

- Copies of your MA and PhD certificate;

- Copy of the diploma supplement of your MA (or, in case you non possess a diploma supplement, a certificate of the equivalent value of your MA degree to Italian degrees – available e.g. at – or  a declaration of yours that you have asked for this certificate of equivalence, if this procedure is still under way);

- list of publications (signed);

- up to four pertintent publications;

- copy of (the main pages of) your passport or (for EU citizens) identity card;

- for applicants who have no Italian tax number (codice fiscale) the Department’s secretary will provide one without request.

Job interview: 26/1/2024:

On 26 January 2024, at 9:00 o’clock there will be online job interviews. Applicants will get further notification about the job interview email to the address provided by the applicant.

Further information:

2. For further information (in particular also for applicants not familiar with the Italian research system) possible applicants may contact: Prof. Christoph Lumer:

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