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Masochism. A Challenge for Ethics

Aggiornamento: 25 ott 2022

di Andrea Nicolini


Settembre 2022

"The enigma of masochism – making impossible a limit between good and evil, pain and pleasure, or life and death – pushes philosophical thinking towards questions that cannot grasp any kind of response and, in this way, challenge the structure of meaning that ethics affirms. Criticizing both Foucault’s and Deleuze & Guattari’s ethics of sexuality and taking the work of Lacan – in particular the notion of the Real – as the basis for my analysis on masochism, I investigates so-called moments of “negativity” in order to, on the one hand, bring to light through a psychoanalytic perspective the significance that “perversion” has for philosophical thought, and on the other, lead to a better comprehension of the division that, characterizing the subject as subject of meaning as much as subject of the drives, jeopardizes ethics itself."

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