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CALL FOR PAPERS 24th Conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion (ESPR)

24th Conference of the European Society for Philosophy of Religion (ESPR)


September 5-7, 2024, University of Trento, Department of Humanities, Trento (Italy),

ESPR Conference 2024 will focus on the theme of "human nature" from the perspective of the

philosophy of religion and theology. Although the notion of human nature may be questioned from

different perspectives and even rejected (for example, from the standpoint of evolutionary biology,

cultural anthropology, and moral relativism), it plays a significant role in philosophical reflection. On the

one hand, "human nature" has a descriptive meaning that consists of the set of physical, biological, and

cognitive components distinguishing human beings from other living and non-living entities and making

them unique. On the other hand, "human nature" has a prescriptive meaning, indicating the set of

attitudes, abilities, and actions that make human beings rich in value and human life rich in meaning. In

this sense, the notion of human nature still seems ethically relevant, especially today when technology

can radically transform human beings. ESPR Conference 2024 invites papers exploring those issues

within the following sub-themes:

Sub-theme 1: Metaphysical and Epistemological Issues

Sub-theme 2: Human Nature, Human Destiny, and Transhumanism

Sub-theme 3: Human Nature and Religious Diversity

Sub-theme 4: Ethical and Political Issues

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